Government of an Ark
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"That We Govern for Freedom"
"Oceans and Atmospheres"

This page is to be used to describe managing accrding to the RULE.

The rule is in development for management of anARK.

The RULE was discovered by Quantunnel Research at MarleyLABS.

Arc Law describes a piece of how a RULE violation kills. It does also describe the danger of a bee hive using an AM radio transmitter in the woods near intelligent species and relative to man kind on a planet, near another star.

Though the RULE is a scientific concept developed in a laboratory, Literally meaning Radio, uLINE, Light = Energy; anARCh uses it as method to determine a scienitfic measure for natural leadership over a long period of time, and excceding thousands, to advise leadership. An Understanding encourages managing according to Data that is colleted by scientists, and presented to assist decision making among governors that is in accordance with the observation of natural, maintaining a sustainable environment among men and planet for as long as men use signaling technology or modify natural RULE above and below the surface, and such an exchange of energy as is presented at angle v over t surface. A proper understanding of governing according to the RULE can manage a planet as with life and environment sustainable for billions of years (orbit cycles) using the example already made by planet. The planet naturally manages the RULE, and learning to reason choices as a governor is needed while mankind is modifying relative to a constant measurement.

The rule was discover during Quantunnel Research.

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