Government of an Ark
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"That We Govern for Freedom"
"Oceans and Atmospheres"

This page is to be used to describe managing according to the RULE.

The rule is in development for management of anARK.

Though the RULE is a scientific concept developed in a laboratory, Literally meaning Radio, uLINE, Light = Energy; anARCh uses it as method to determine a scientific measure for natural leadership over a long period of time, and exceeding thousands, to advise leadership. An Understanding encourages managing according to Data that is collected by scientists, and presented to assist decision making among governors that is in accordance with the observation of natural, maintaining a sustainable environment among men and planet for as long as men use signaling technology or modify natural RULE above and below the surface, and such an exchange of energy as is presented at angle v over t surface. A proper understanding of governing according to the RULE can manage a planet as with life and environment sustainable for billions of years (orbit cycles) using the example already made by planet. The planet naturally manages the RULE, and learning to reason choices as a governor is needed while mankind is modifying relative to a constant measurement.

About the RULE
The goal for the an American Elluminous who plans to stay near garden on earth, where knowledge has the other men leave the garden, has us work to defend and preserve our ark from others who would do it harm.

Topics to consider about the RULE
  • The RULE is a scientific concept, that helps establish what Natural is over long periods of time. From scientific natural, we manage accordingly and relative to; noting that the farther from natural a person is, the less likely they are to survive without special skills or hardware sets. The example for this statement is natural power vs that of unnatural, on the time line, the more deviated a science is from a natural determination, the more likely it is to kill environment, flocks, or tens of thousands of people and more with success or failure.
  • Our organization, determining what a natural enery factor is in one place or another in this time uses a uLINE (universe line), and relative to measurement of VLP, very long periods, helps our decision makers move according to a natural rule when regulating the activity of free men on a plantary surface, or a planetary, moon, or solar orbits.
  • The RULE includes observations of more than radio and light energy factors, and also observes other energetic or data carrying signaling as part of the extended observation.
  • The RULE is further understood relative to VLP as a Natural observation identifying dangerous science, pollution levels, and more, with goal of preserving biodiversity and continuing adherence to a sustainable ecosystem; refusing sales to free enterprise or requiring innovation within a natural threshold measurement to earn a profit of their property.
  • The RULE where evaluated by requirement of one manager or politician or another, by our scholars, analysts, or by personal training, helps use build business that managing according to a precedent, providence, or other, and established over billions of years by a planets natural RULE producing life and sustainable ecosystems.
  • We are only required to manage according to a RULE, because humans and possibly ET, might add to what is natural, for one reason or another, and typically enumerated quickly and understood for reasons of control, power, or profits.
If you would like more information, please send an email, call on the phone, or make contact in some appropriate way. We do not plan to publish papers until people are willing to discuss the discovery or participate in the on-going research of the RULE. I do use this to understand my work.

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